BY divyansh

Fortnite new map revealed

A fresh Fortnite leak has revealed the upcoming map modification or at least one that will release soon.

HypeX, a well-known insider and leaker for Fortnite, is the source of the information.

The Temple POI between Rocky Reels and The Joneses, which Epic Games has already stated will..

modify with the game's upcoming update on July 5, is the subject of the map change.

Epic Games didn't specify what will replace the site at the time, and nothing has changed.

 However, HypeX, the mentioned leaker, has revealed the information on its behalf.

Even though the place is referred to in the files as "the tower," we can only speculate as to what it will look like.

- HypeX


UPCOMING MAP CHANGE! There's an unreleased POI named "The Tower" that is set to be in the place of the Temple between Rocky Reels & The Joneses, and Epic just announced that next update on July 5th, the Temple will change.