Gangnam Style's  Psy is  Making a Comeback

Park Jae-sang, popularly known as psy is a 44 year old south korean singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer.

he is popularly known for his hit track 'gangnam style' internationally.

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he is now making a comeback after 5 long years.

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he shared this news on social media, stating that a new album will be released on april 29.

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he shared a video of 2013 concert where he promised to release another hit song in 2022.

he produced 'champion' in 2002 and 'gangnam style' took exactly 10 years for him to create.

and there he emphasized that the next time, there will be song like gangnam style, it will be in 2022.

his sensational song 'gangnam style' crossed 4 billion views on youtube even after 8 long years.



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