Allu  Arjun  to Put Step in  Hindi  Cinema

Allu Arjun's recent film pushpa the rise was the blockbuster which raised the standard for others.

it not only grabbed the telugu audience bit it also put hold from gujarat to bihar, making people dancing in the theaters.

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every other celebrity was making reels on the famous dialogues of pushpa.

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it may seem to be an overnight success but Allu Arjun have devoted long years to its making.

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in an interview, Allu Arjun opened up about how a multi genre format is widely accepted and enjoyed.

he also commented that he is ready to accept the opportunity to work in hindi cinema.

he called the bollywood aspirational and wouldn't mind doing a straight hindi film.

he also emphasized on telugu film being dubbed in hindi and still it receives so much love.

indian cinema will welcome him with great respect and love!

happy birthday Allu Arjun!



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