How Did Shakira  And Pique  First Meet?

The couple met while Shakira was filming the video for the Fifa World Cup(2010) song..

"Waka Waka  (This Time for Africa)."

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The video featured Gerard, a Spanish football player.

 In an interview in 2020, Shakira said...

"I wasn't a soccer fan, so I didn't know who he was."

"When I saw the video, I was like, 'Hmm, that one's kind of cute. 'And then someone decided to introduce us," Shakira said.

Pique said of their first meet, "It all started when we were together in South Africa and  I wrote to her." 

Pique recalled Shakira was already present there as she sang  in the opening ceremony.

Pique said, "I asked her what the weather was like.  It's the typical stupid question, and the normal answer is to tell me to bring a jacket."

But she started telling everything in detail to Pique to the point where he had to tell her that..

"we [Spain] would have to get to the World Cup final to see her again — she was singing at the final."

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Shakira stated in a June 2013 interview with Elle that meeting Gerard restored her faith in God.



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