Tarsame Singh Saini: Cause Of Death

Tarsame Singh Saini 90s pop sensation, was known as Taz from Stereo Nation is passed away

cause of death, taz suffered- a liver failure in which he slipped into a coma

he was 54  and According to the sources, untimely he died on 29th April 2022

taz was lead singer of pop band 'Stereo Nation' formed in 1996

He created many popular albums in the 1990s and he was called the pioneer of cross-cultural Asian fusion music

Red Section Separator

Slave II Fusion was released in 2000 includes 'Pyar Ho Gaya', 'Nachenge Saari Raat', and 'Gallan Gorian'



also, he contributed in bollywood film like "Daroo Vich Pyar", "It’s magic"

1967 - 2022



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