Is Gorr Stronger Than Thor?

Who is gorr the god butcher?

Gorr, the God Butcher, is a comic book supervillain who will make his debut in the MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder.

Gorr is powerless on his own, but he fights alongside Knull's former symbiote, All-Black. With All-Black attached, the klyntar assumes the

form of the Necrosword  and grants Gorr  dark power equal to the number  of deities slaughtered.

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Gorr was barely more powerful than Young Thor before killing countless gods, but after killing numerous gods, he became so powerful that..

not even three  Thors - including  a near-omnipotent  All-Father - can beat him.

In combat, Gorr has the ability to replace his limbs and create weapons, tendrils, and projectiles out of the darkness.

Will Thor triumph over Gorr the god butcher? The question will not be answered until Thor: Love and Thunder is released.



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