Is KGF based on a True story?

after a massive success with KGf's both chapters, 

it seems like 

that interesting plot has been based on true story.

the main lead's part was taken from a vicious criminal of karnataka,

known as Thangam, who was famous for sandalwood  smuggling,

also known as Veerappan Junior.

he died in 1997 due to police encounter.

this flim is also incite by true historical events.

as history of Kolar Gold Fields mine is way more old than it appears.

900 tonnes of gold has been mining till now from here.

this mine field is currently located in  the Southeast region of Karnataka.

it was discovered by british government,called John Warren through his article.

as warren kept villagers for mining more, but  then due to little output,they transfered to modern technology. 

but soon things became more vicious, and exhausted british officers stopped the excavations.



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