Jasmin Savoy Brown Opens Up Being The First LGBTQ Final Girl Of Color In Scream Franchise 

at the 33rd GLAAD Media Awards Jasmin Savoy Brown Says ... 

'It Feels Right' to Be First LGBTQ Final Girl of Color in Scream Franchise.


Scream's Jasmin Savoy Brown

"I want more of it,"

When She Auditioned FOR SCREAM SHE Hadn't EVEN Seen the Original Movie YET AND SAid...

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"I was afraid to do that. I was afraid that if I did that, I would overthink it and copy him," 

"That monologue was part of my audition, but when I auditioned, I hadn't seen Scream. I actually didn't see the Scream films until after I was cast and we were shooting."-JASMIN BROWN

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to be the first LGBTQ woman of color to become a final girl in the horror franchise...



IT WAS "exciting and humbling"



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