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Jojo Bizarre adventure: The heroes' biggest challenge finally revealed

The newest anime version, Stone Ocean,  is the final time that the main series has explored the universe where it all began.

The writer of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures has spent years crafting the story of the Joestars across other realities.

Araki has used the chance to commemorate the series as a whole with a video message to fans, detailing how his characters have..

grown over the years, even if the series will provide viewers with a radically different plot in both Steelball Run and JoJolion.

In the Anime Expo video, Araki explored how his characters have evolved over the years while discussing the series he believes to be his..

greatest and showcasing a fresh piece of artwork for Jolyne and her Stand, Stone Free:

- Hirohiko Araki


"The protagonists in Parts 1, 2, 3, and beyond connect across generations all, so to speak, descending from a single family as part of a single bloodline. The first protagonist, the hero of Part 1, is muscular, and then gradually, by around Part 5 with Giorno,"

- Hirohiko Araki


we see a slim, more realistic, true-to-life young man. In Part 6, of course, the hero is a young woman. I wanted her to be strong. Now looking back, over the past thirty-five years, the heroes, the way I drew them, kept changing.