Julia Bradbury's Current Medical Condition

julia bradbury is a 51 year old irish-born english television presenter.

in 2020 summer, she felt a limp in her breast and in 2021 september, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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she undergone three mammograms before doctors found tumor in her breast.

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and from that day ONWARD  she continued to spread the awareness regarding breast cancer through social media and various other events.

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she also said that she went through a brutal treatment but she can gone through anything to live with her children.

a documentary called breast cancer and me is also going to release.

the documentary will feature her health struggles and how she gone through the journey towards healing.

-Julia Bradbury

"I'm recovering. I had a mastectomy a couple of months ago. I've been doing lots of physio and treatment. My healing is going very well, thank you."



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