Kang's Biggest Weakness Exposed By Himself!

Kang's Biggest Weakness Exposed By Himself!

Kang The Conqueror was last scene in Disney+ series Loki, where he emerged as the mastermind behind all the events shown in the show


Kang has mastered the ability of time travel and he has knowledge of every single event of the universe, which has happened and which will happen

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But recently it is revealed that Kang do have a weakness which unknowingly was teased by him


what is kang's weakness


The Reckoning War is one of the most dangerous events in the history as considered by Time Variance Authority, an organisation which prevents alterations in the Multiverse

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Kang The Conqueror despite being knowing everything about the universe has ignored small details about the Reckoning War


And this ignorance can be used by his enemies like Avengers to beat him to the ground

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Kang is confused between Judgement Day and Reckoning war although both are different and latter is one of the most important events 


And this lack of details of his about the Reckoning War can be very fatal against him if Avengers uses it wisely

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