Kate moss Vs Amber Heard:  Who Is Richer?

Recently, in the defamation case, Johnny's ex Kate Moss was called to testify about the staircase incident.

Kate Moss (born 16 January 1974) is a businesswoman and model from the United Kingdom.

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She rose to prominence in the early 1990s by modeling for popular brands such as Calvin Klien and Levis.

She also works as  a fashion editor for British Vogue. She was ranked second on Forbes' list of the  highest-paid models, with an..

 estimated annual salary of $9.2 million   In 2012.

Amber Heard has appeared in popular movies like The Rum Diary, Never Back Down, and Aquaman.

At present, Kate Moss's net worth is estimated to be around USD 70 million, whereas Amber Heard's net worth is approximately 8 million USD.

By the calculations  of their  net worths,  Kate moss is  wealthier than  Amber Heard.



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