Katy Perry Expresses Her Support For Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Relationship

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have put their past feud behind them and are now supporting each other. 

Katy Perry commented "I ship" on a photo of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce post-SNL. 

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Their recent reconciliation follows years of public back-and-forth comments and disagreements. 

Perry expressed gratitude for their public makeup, serving as an example of redemption. 

The two pop stars are now on friendly terms, wishing the best for each other. 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted in New York City multiple times over the weekend. 

They were seen walking hand-in-hand after an SNL afterparty. 

Swift introduced Ice Spice on the show, while Kelce appeared in a sketch. 

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According to a source, Taylor and Travis were joyful, talkative, and friendly at the afterparty. 

They shared intimate moments, including kissing, during the late-night gathering.



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