BY divyansh

Kawaki's Secret Karma Power Revealed

The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has disclosed a long-kept secret involving Kawaki's Karma mark as..

the manga prepares for its next significant phase.

It was discovered that Kawaki had agreed to Amado's suggestion to have a new Karma implanted when the battle against Code began in earnest.

However, it was discovered that there were some downsides to this because Kawaki's new Karma is not only..

far stronger than it was previously, but there is another aspect to it that Amado intends to use in the future.

Amado has been working on covert initiatives while assisting the Hidden Leaf Village in the chapters up to this point.

Although he hasn't yet made clear what he wants specifically from the young Kawaki, he did disclose that he also made provisions for Kawaki's Karma mark.

Amado also included a method to turn off Karma's power to make sure he'll always have some ability to manage Kawaki should the worst happen.