Kevin Love And Kate Bock Are Now Married

Kevin Love is an American professional basketball player and KATE BOCK IS A CANADIAN MODEL

Kevin and kate  are now married and the the glamorous wedding took place on 25th of june, 2022

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THEIR WEDDING WAS  held at the New York City Public Library. the historic N.Y.C. venue AWS TURNED into a "Great Gatsby-inspired ball," ABOUT WHICH  KATE SAID...

"Kevin and I are both very curious people and love literature, art, and history and the New York Public Library encompasses all of that in such a romantic setting"

"It evokes the old-school New York glamour we were searching for and is so iconic to the city that we love."

all guests wERE asked to FOLLOW A  black and white theme for the WEDDING 

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THEY planned the wedding, got ready together and rode over to the Library together COZ SHE didn't feel it was important to keep things separate 

THE bride LOOKED GORGEOUS  in a custom, "traditional and elegant" gown AND SAID "My dress was inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding dress"



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