Kirsty Young's Return In Queen's Platinum Jubilee Shook The Internet

Kirsty Young,  a radio and television presenter, will be back for the BBC's platinum jubilee coverage for the first time since..

she took  a break  in 2018.

Young, who hosted BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs for over a decade, stepped down from the show in August 2018 due to..

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fibromyalgia, a chronic pain illness that affects the entire body.

She said her departure from the show would be permanent in July 2019, claiming it has encouraged her to take on new challenges.

The 53-year-old will return to the BBC to host a weekend of programs commemorating the Queen's platinum jubilee.

Young said,  “I’m delighted to  be back on the  BBC for such a historic, unique, and happy event.” 

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On June 4th, Young and Kemp will host the live coverage of the Platinum jubilee celebration  at the Palace.



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