Lebron James's SON Is  All Grown Up: See Photos

Fans of LeBron James can't believe how much his protégé's son has grown.

He uploaded a set of pictures from the teen's 17th birthday celebration.

The youngster went to prom with a stunning date, Peyton Gelfuso, and they shot AMAZING photos before the event.

Bronny looked dashing in his tuxedo, which had a blue blazer, black bowtie, and brilliant blue shoes.

Savannah James, Bronny's mother, also posted a series of images from the 17-year-getting old's ready process.

Bronny James is Savannah and LeBron James' oldest child.

As a basketball player, Bronny is following in his father's footsteps.

He is presently a junior at Sierra Canyon High School in Los Angeles, where he plays basketball.


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