Lip Reader Revealed The Actual Message  of Royal Family 

During Queen Elizabeth's  Platinum Jubilee celebrations over the weekend, sharp-sighted lip readers were able to interpret..

what royal family members were truly saying to one other.

According to the Mirror, Jeremy Freeman and John Cassidy(lip readers) were able to spot Princess Charlotte...

Prince William and Kate Middleton's daughter, giving her bigger brother, Prince George, some sisterly counsel.

Red Section Separator

They stated  the 8-year-old was dangling his arm on the balcony when Charlotte, 7...

advised him to keep it by his side for safety.

"Are the Red Arrows coming?" Prince Louis asked, and the Queen, 96, replied,  "I hope so."

Louis stole the show when the plane appeared and painted the sky red, white, and blue, exclaiming, "Yes yes yes!"

"There it is," the Queen said to the young Louis before he exclaimed, “Oh Red Arrows, whoa! Whoa, that was loud!”



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