Lisa Rinna talks about her late Mother and callS her the "Best Beauty Advisor"

Lisa Rinna is a 58 year old american actress, author and television personality.

recently, her mother died at the age of 93 in november 2021.

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during an interview, lisa talked about her mother and how she has imparted her beauty advise.

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lisa talked about her mother that she never left the home without make up. she was always well dressed when out.

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she also explained how her mother use the products that suits her body and she stuck with them forever.

her mother, lios was also very loyal towards her routine and she also emphasized on the importance of consistency.

lios was the 'Best beauty advisor' for lisa as she imparted many beauty lessons to her.


"she'd say, 'do what works for you, but a little blush would really help you out.' just these little lios-isms that i still think about now and go. 'oh my god, i love her and i miss her'."



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