Lizzo Poke Addressing Chris Evans Pregnancy Rumors 

Lizzo recently hosted SNL for the first time, and she was also invited to perform as a musical guest.

But, before she blessed fans with  her musical  powers, In her monologue, Lizzo stated:

"My name is Lizzo and, yes, I'm shocked I have clothes on, too," she joked

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In her monologue, Lizzo mentioned Criss Evans and said:

"I read a lot of gossip online that I'm dating every white boy in Hollywood,"

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"They think I'm collecting One Direction members like Infinity Stones."


"It could have been the TikTok I did where I said, 'I'm pregnant with Chris Evans' baby.' (On CHRIS EVANS rumour)

Lizzo chuckled, blaming herself  for starting the rumor. "It's called manifesting." 



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