BY divyansh

Luffy's New Bounty: Why Fans Are Disappointed?

Monkey D. Luffy has received a brand-new bounty poster as One Piece gets set for the series conclusion!

The bounties are the sole reliable method for One Piece fans to track not only the potential power levels of each of..

the pirates but also  how big of a threat  they actually are to  the global government.

Luffy is now prepared for the finale, not just with a reward of three million Berries, but also with a...

completely new bounty poster depicting his Joyboy-like Gear Fifth form.

One Piece Chapter 1053 established that word of Big Mom and Kaido's defeat had already spread outside of Wano, and with it,

the rewards for Luffy, Kid, and Law were raised to three billion each.

An Elder from Mariejois voiced his displeasure over the alteration of the image for his poster. The "D" from Luffy's name is even removed as they attempt to reprint them, but it is already too late.