Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Faces Trial: Accuser Surrenders, Legal Battles Unfold in New York 

New York judge's decision initiates Marvel star Jonathan Majors' domestic dispute trial within 24 hours 

Accuser Grace Jabbari surrenders, faces arrest for assault and criminal mischief charges 

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Desk appearance ticket issued, indicating a future arraignment, but the District Attorney won't prosecute. 

Majors' legal team filed a cross-complaint, alleging Jabbari as the case instigator. 

New York authorities previously issued an "I-Card" for Jabbari but didn't act on it in June. 

Attorney Priya Chaudhry submits substantial evidence supporting Majors' innocence. 

Chaudhry urges District Attorney to dismiss charges against Majors and hold Jabbari accountable. 

Jabbari's attorney claims she's the victim and trusts justice will prevail. 

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Majors faces multiple charges, potentially leading to a year of incarceration if convicted. 

The Root provides comprehensive coverage of the case, with ongoing legal maneuvers and conflicting narratives. 



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