Meet The Son Of Drake

Drake kept his child's birth so private that no one knew about him until he told them. And it's even more mysterious given thaT...

Drake wasn't sure if Adonis was his son.

Adonis was born on October 11, 2017, to Sophie Brussaux, a model and painter from France.

Drake kept Adonis away from the media until March 2020, when he posted a photo series on his Insta account, including his son.

Adonis attended the 2021 Billboard Music Awards alongside his father, Drake, who was named artist of the decade.

Adonis' middle name is 'Mahbed,' which according to some fans, is a reference to Drake's hit God's Plan.

 It sounds similar to the lyrics:  "I only love my  bed and my mama."

Adonis lives in Paris with his mother, Sophie Brussaux, despite Drake's residence in Toronto, Canada.



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