"Mona Lisa With Pie" Incident Explained

At the Louvre Museum in Paris,  a demented young man disguised as an elderly lady  in a wheelchair threw..

custard pie  at Leonardo  Da Vinci's  Mona Lisa painting.

The boy rose from his wheelchair and acted out his rage at what is likely the most famous artwork, which dates back to 1517. 

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The attack was labeled "vandalism."

Since The painting  is shielded by  bullet-proof glass, the custard pie never made it  to its intended destination.

Following that, the perpetrator threw a bouquet of roses into the air before being tackled to the ground by Louvre security guards.

According to the Paris prosecutor's office, the man, 36, was detained and transferred to a psychiatric facility at the police headquarters.

The prosecutor has opened an investigation into "the attempted destruction of cultural property."



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