Moon Knight Episode 3 Recap And Review

Moon Knight appeared in full force. Harrow, on the other hand, had the Scarab and was a step ahead of Marc.


The episode shifts  to Egypt, where  Marc continues  his search for Harrow and the tomb of Ammit, hoping to arrive  at the tomb  before Harrow.

Khonshu summons the gods for a meeting to discuss the mysterious killings, accusing Harrow of attempting to locate Ammit to set her free.

Except for one,  the gods had  no faith in  Khonshu. Marc was guided by Yatzil to  Senfu's Sarcophagus, which could  lead him to Ammit's tomb.

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Layla has joined Marc and has brought him to Mogart. Harrow has also arrived. Harrow arrives to reveal several of Marc's secrets. There was a battle that ensued but in the end..

Marc and Layla were able to get their hands on a piece of cloth from the Sarcophagus that resembled a constellation.

They had a constellation that could lead them to Ammit's tomb, so Khonshu sacrificed himself, which assisted them in finding Ammit's tomb.



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