Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas  Split up


The seven time champ of The Challenge,  Johnny Bananas split up with Morgan Willett in September 2021.

They first met in 2018 in The Challenge and quickly became partners in the show.

Afterwards, they decided to travel the world together and film their experience.

After dating for more than 2 years, they broke their fans expectations of Happily Ever After and Split up.

After 2 months of end of their relationship, Morgan said that She's Glad She found the Strength to do so.

She suspect Johnny for cheating on her as she saw the clean Bedsheet after returning from Trip.

"I knew something in my heart of hearts that something is really wrong." -Morgan Willett

It was one of their Mutual Friend who told Morgan that Johnny had cheated her.

Johnny remained quite in the matter.