Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Recap And Review

MS. MARVEL IS ABOUT Kamala Khan WHO protects the streets of Jersey City with her AMAZING  SUPERPOWERS

The third episode of the latest MCU show Ms. Marvel has premiered on  Disney+

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Ms. Marvel Episode 3 IS titled “Destined”. It finally introduces VIEWERS to WHAT THE central conflict of the season IS.

Kamala GETS shocked to learn ABOUT her true family heritage from Kamran's mother

THE EPISODE ADDED some context to new villains, the Jinn WHO ARE supernatural beings from Middle-Eastern folklore

IT SHOWS THAT This group of Jinn are RELATED with Kamala’s great-grandmother

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THE BEINGS FROM the Noor Dimension WHO ARE stuck on Earth WANT Kamala’s power to open a portal for them to get home

the episode ends with the wedding reception setting WHERE battle between Kamala and the Jinn Takes PLACE

THE OVERALL EPISODE THREE IS FUN TO WATCH AND THE fourth episode will stream on June 29th ON DISNEY+ 



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