BY divyansh

My Hero Academia: Biggest Breakthrough Against All For One

My Hero Academia has changed its focus to the struggle against All for One, and the heroes have eventually....

managed to cut a significant piece out of All For One in the series' latest chapter!

All For One became the big focus of the fights as he began his conflict with Hawks and Endeavor.

The fact that Hawks, Kyoka Jiro, and Fumikage Tokoyami worked well together to wear down All For One long enough to...

breach his breathing helmet apparatus is proof that the heroes can still triumph despite all of this.

While Jiro unleashes her sound wave attacks at the adversary and All For One's quirk begins to play up at the same moment, an opportunity is created.

Hawks then responds with a precise blow revealing that his entire aim during the fight had been to target a particular point on All For One's helmet.

The concentrated blows on a single place on the helmet wore it down to the point where Hawks' final attack could  break through.