BY divyansh

My Hero Academia Manga Teased Endeavor's Self Destruction Plan

My Hero Academia is in the midst of the last battle between heroes and villains, with the closing stages of....

the series' latest chapter kicking off Endeavor's fierce counterattack against All For One.

However, as we have seen in the last few chapters, the battle against the villain will be one of the most difficult hills to climb in..

the history of the series.

While he endured a lot of physical and emotional damage throughout the fight, the latest instalment of the series saw him...

channelling all of his bad emotions and utilising them to fuel a furious return against All For One.

Endeavor then embarks on a self-destructive journey against All For One, looking at his arm and suffering....

numerous significant injuries in the process, and wishing to channel all of his rages into the attacks.

As the chapter concludes, Endeavor promises to take down All For One by whatever means necessary, enveloping the adversary in a blazing onslaught.