BY divyansh

My Hero Academia Volume 35 Cover Art Revealed

Fans finally get a first look at the cover art for Volume 35 of the My Hero Academia series, which is about to hit international bookstores!

The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga story is going through a very dramatic period as..

the battle between the heroes and villains intensifies.

Volume 35 of the manga brings the series one step closer to its decisive confrontation after the previous volume of the series...

which was published in Japan, included all of the chapters of Star and Stripe's conflict with Tomura Shigaraki.

Izuku and Shigaraki are both undergoing several internal transformations at this time as the two ultra-powers prepare for..

their inevitable clash in the series' conclusion.

The volume's cover art, which you can see above, was posted on the series' Twitter Account, reflects the character!