NASA Spotted The Farthest and Brightest Star Ever Seen : It's 28 Billion Lightyears Away

the hubble telescope spotted something  that is truly extraordinary .....

the hubble telescope finally spotted the farthest star ever seen 

and the name of this star is Earendel, and according to nasa it took....

about 12.9 billion years to reach earth. it's a huge benchmark in space history

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the detection of the light of the star existed within the first billion years after the big bang

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the newly detected star "earendel" means the morning star was spotted at redshift 6.2

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Astronomer brian welch of john hopkins university had this to say about the discovery of earendel  

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he says that the star 'Earendel'  is so old that it may be made from different raw materials than the stars  that surround us today.

HE EVEN STATED THAT STUDYING EARENDEL WILL BE A window into an era of the universe that we are unfamiliar with



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