NBA Reacted On Rajon Rondo's Case

Rajon Rondo’s former partner Ashley Bachelor reportedly filed an EPO in Louisville against him...

rondo pulled a gun on ashley and threatened her in front of the couple’s children

rondo lost control when ashley asked their son to separate laundry

while he was playing video games, ashley alleges Rondo was suddenly angered...

throw the video game console out of the wall, rondo continued breaking items around the house

telling ashley you are “dead", Rondo left the house for 15 minutes

and returned with a gun, ashley said he was demanding her to bring out their children

their son was terrified and rondo screamed at him asking why he was scared

he left the scene when Rondo’s parents showed up

a statement issued by the NBA and sent to ESPN’s Malika Andrews

Mike Bass NBA spokesperson commented

“We are aware of the report and are in the process of gathering more information



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