BY divyansh

One Piece drops special trailer teasing its 25th-anniversary celebrations!

One Piece is getting ready for its franchise's 25th anniversary and has released a new trailer promoting its impending..

global Livestream event this Summer, which followers across the world will be able to watch in full.

Even though series creator Eiichiro Oda is now taking a break to prepare for the manga's overall last epic...

there are still a lot of exciting things planned from the franchise this summer.

Along with a brand-new movie opening in theatres across Japan, there's also a unique occasion highlighting some of the manga's most significant moments.

One Piece Day has already made much of the schedule for the new event that fans can anticipate seeing. It is going to take place on..

the weekend of July 22–23.

Additionally to being available in Japanese across the globe, the event will also be available in English.