One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date, Predictions and Where to Watch

one piece is a japanese manga seties by eiichiro oda.

in episode 1013, first six pages of chapter 999 were covered. it ended with REVELATION of history of kaido and big mom.

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in episode 1014, it is most likely that the remaining pages of chapter 999 will be adapted and will also include chapter 1000.

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it will include the luffy, zora, killer, kid and law arriving at rooftop to fight big mom and kaido.

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the fight will be considered as the most momentous fights in the series' history.

the one piece episode 1014 will release on 17 april in japan. 

it will be available on nation's network tv  and for international viewers, it will stream on funimation and crunchyroll.

the most awaited series' episode 1014 is named as "marco tears! the bond of whitebeard pirates!"



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