BY divyansh

One Piece Finally Teased Admiral Ryokugyu In Action

With its most recent chapter, One Piece has entirely introduced Admiral Ryokugyu to the manga story in advance of the series conclusion!

The manga has been laying the groundwork for the grand finale as it covers the immediate aftermath of everything that transpired during..

Wano Country arc.

the period of the

Series creator Eiichiro Oda is taking a vacation for the summer while he gets ready for the final saga of the overall series.

This fallout includes making some very significant debuts in order to fill in some of the holes left by the Reverie arc in the...

second and third acts.

pages between its 

The previous story hinted that we'd see Ryokugyu in action, as he was already on Wano after fighting Big Mom and Kaido.

The manga has completely presented him in the latest chapter of the series, and he's exactly as lethal as you'd imagine.