Orlando Magic Wins NBA Draft Lottery, See Updates

Orlando Magic Wins No. 1 pick NBA Draft Lottery in 2022

in 1992 Shaquille O'Neal and 1993 Penny Hardaway won the lottery

in 2004, Magic's previous draft pick this high, they selected Dwight Howard at No. 1

Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren, Jaden Ivey and Jabari Smith are expected to be the top draft prospects

the ping pong balls were in one's favor for the Magic

Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons, had 14% chance to land the top pick

the fourth-best chance at the top pick (12.5%), Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City had a strong night in the lottery, getting No. 2 and 12 picks

1. Orlando Magic

5. Detroit Pistons

top 5 lottery results

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

3. Houston Rockets

4. Sacramento Kings



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