BY divyansh

Overwatch 2 Map Controversy: Explained

While Overwatch's 2CP maps stay some of the most contentious in the game, the developer team working on OW2 has announced that...

they may come back in an entirely new mode.

Assault maps are the one factor that have caused the Overwatch community the most friction. Players requested that Blizzard remove 2CP...

sometimes known as 2CP due to its two distinct control points, from the Ranked rotation and completely eliminate Paris.

Although they were dropped in favor of the brand-new mode Push in the eagerly anticipated Overwatch sequel...

the developers have long hinted that they would make a comeback in some capacity.

One of the players asked the dev team on Reddit, “what are your plans regarding maps that will go unused once OW2 launches publicly, such as Temple of Anubis and Hanamura?

- Developer


The team is developing concepts for repurposing some 2CP maps for different game styles. Additionally, 2CP maps would only be available in custom game modes in Overwatch 2, and any redesigning would be heavily tested.