Peaky Blinders Season 6 Ending Explained

Peaky Blinders is a british historical fiction and crime drama tv series.

the story is about the destruction that the peaky blinders are making after first world war.

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as we know, season 6 begin with michael being released on the condition of killing tommy.

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and it ends with michael and tommy with a car explosion.

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but tommy was saved and he shot michael a bullet to his skull for his betrayal.

then he set off again returning home to say goodbye to his family.

after a month, ruby finds tommy in a caravan and the truth about tommy's health was discovered.

he is not having tuberculoma and the doctor who informed this was also fictitious.

and at the end, tommy's caravan was burned but he lives on as per the order of Peaky Blinders. this signaled a start of new chapter in his life.



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