Pete Davidson's 'MY GIRL IS A LAWYER' Tattoo is shared by Kim Kardashian: See the tattoo

as we all know, Kim kardashian is dating pete davidson from a long time. however, her ex is not delighted about the fact.

recently, kim shared a picture of her boyfriend's tattoo.

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she said in ellen show that people often get tattoo of what going on in their lives.

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she also said that, 'my girl is a lawyer' is her favourite tattoo.  that's why she post picture of it on instagram.

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she also put light on her law journey, saying that it wasn't easy or handed to her.

she also mentioned that she failed exam 3 times in 2 years but she didn't gave up and continued.

seeing her law journey, pete's tattoo is justified, she really deserve that act of affection.

she also considers the tattoo very cute as she said in ellen show.



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