Pink's Shocking Confession: She Nearly Died of a Drug Overdose When She Was A Teenager

Pink's "60 Minutes" interview reveals a turbulent past marked by strife and family conflict. 

Raised in a chaotic household, Pink witnessed her parents' constant arguments and animosity. 

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She confessed to a rebellious phase, describing herself as "a punk" in her youth.

Pink divulged her involvement in drug use and distribution, leading to expulsion from her family home. 

On Thanksgiving 1995, she survived a near-fatal overdose after ingesting multiple substances at a rave. 

This life-altering experience marked the end of her involvement with "hard drugs." 

In the weeks following her overdose, Pink secured her first record deal in an all-girls R&B group. 

She transitioned to a successful solo career, adopting her now-iconic "teenage nickname.

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Pink is unwavering in her commitment to exceeding her physical, emotional, and vocal boundaries. 

She rejects societal expectations for women to slow down and vows to "ride it till the wheels fall off.



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