Pique's Career is in Danger: Explained

since the separation of pique and shakira after  11 years of TOGETHERNESS...

gerard pique's career seems  to be in  danger as he is claimed to  be cheating  on shakira.

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rumors about pique dating a young blonde is spread which bought many questions.

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shakira do confirmed their split but not the reason for the same.

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rumors of pique dating gavi's mother also spread which turned out to be false.

amid this  cheating allegation, shakira's fans  are supporting  her and...

slamming pique on social media for cheating such a woman.

some fans even wrote that they don't want to see him in the next season.

-a fan wrote on social media

"pique cheating on shakira is going to damage his legacy more than anfield and lisbon ever did."



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