Prince Andrew Latest Scandal explained

in the Prince Andrew's new scandal, his daughters princess beatrice and princess eugenie is also seems to be involved.

the fraud was, that a turkish millionaire, nebahat evyap isbilen claims that there is wrong transfer of euro 750000 to Prince Andrew.

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she ordered her advisor selman turk with euro 67 million to make payment to Prince Andrew, his  ex-wife and his daughter.

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the sum which should be transferred was euro 1 m to Prince Andrew, euro 225000 to sarah, his  ex-wife and euro 25000 to princess eugenie.

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isbilen made payment to Prince Andrew for his assistance in obtaining new passport.

however, turk and prince told her bankers that the sum was a wedding gift for his daughter, princess beatrice.

Prince Andrew also returned euro 750000 due to court documents.

the princess have no idea about the money tranfer matter. princess eugenie considered the payment from a long-standing family friend.



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