rikki neave case explained

rikki neave MURDER case suspect has been found guilty of murder

rikki was 6 when he was murdered by 13 year old James watson in 28 november, 1994

now watson is 41 and most likely he used Rikki’s zipped up coat as a ligature

on rikki's neck, there was ligature marks from the zip’s metal teeth

naked body was found in a wood on 29 November, 1994, lying on his back and body was posed  in a star shape

senior crown prosecutor, Clare Forsdike said, 'it was like a jigsaw puzzle with each evidence not enough...

but when put together creating why James Watson had to be the killer

police reopened the cold case and Watson became a suspect and left the U.K. after interviewed as a suspect in 2016

charged him with murder and extradited back from Portugal by the CPS

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he left DNA on Rikki's clothes, in 1994 technology was not advanced to find DNA match until 2015



evidence from DNA, post-mortem, soil samples, eyewitness testimony, and his changing accounts proved james guilty



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