BY Sheetal

Ritu Arya and David Castaneda's off screen love

The popular Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy, recently received a third season renewal.

The second season's chemistry between Lila and Diego was well received by the audience.

Ritu Arya, a co-star in The Umbrella Academy who debuted in season 2 as Lila Pitts, has long been the subject of rumours that David is dating.

The Umbrella Academy: 3

Are the co-stars dating


Ritu and David have great chemistry together, and they seem to be close friends outside cameras.

Considering that they often post videos and photos of themselves together on their individual social media profiles.

They also frequently help each other with projects outside of Netflix. Of course, none of this implies that they are dating.

Because neither party has officially confirmed or denied the rumour, it remains just that for the time being.