Russell Brand Faces New Sexual Assault Allegation Linked to "Arthur" Film Shoot 

Russell Brand, British actor, and comedian, faces new sexual assault allegation during the "Arthur" film shoot in 2010. 

The accuser claims Brand exposed himself and sexually assaulted her in a restroom while film crew and cast were present. 

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The motion revealing this allegation was disclosed by The Daily Beast, and the accuser seeks anonymity under the Adult Survivor's Act. 

The alleged assault took place on July 7, 2010, with Brand appearing inebriated and holding a bottle of vodka. 

The woman alleges that Brand followed her into the bathroom and assaulted her while film production crew stood outside the door. 

Requests for comments from Brand and Warner Bros. Pictures went unanswered by The Daily Beast. 

The accuser remains anonymous to avoid potential blacklisting, harassment, embarrassment, and shame. 

She claims she was not invited back to the set of "Arthur" and was compensated for only one day of work. 

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In September, Brand faced accusations of sexual assault from four women, with allegations spanning from 2006 to 2013. 

British comedian London Hughes revealed warnings about Brand pursuing women he worked with and then severing contact. 



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