BY divyansh

Saitama can't win this fight easily!

With the release of the series' most recent chapter, One-Punch Man appears to have finally given Saitama a battle he can't win with..

 one punch!

He always wanted to get into a fight where he could maybe let go, and the conclusion of the Human Monster story has given him this chance.

While the One-Punch Man manga initially hinted that Saitama and Garou would cooperate rather than clash...

the prior chapter of the publication drastically rewrote what had gone before.

Garou gains access to a "Cosmic Fear Mode," which provides him powers from the divine entity hinted at throughout the Monster Association Saga.

This evil being rapidly takes control of Garou's body and launches a barrage of assaults that even surprises Saitama.

He also possesses nuclear power-ups and can imitate Saitama's skills. Saitama ends himself on the back foot and even gets a "scratch" in the process.