BY divyansh

Sam heughan is finally a graduate!

Sam Heughan, the star  of the television series Outlander, visited the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland today to accept..

an honorary doctorate.

Heughan, an RCS alumnus, traveled back to Glasgow for summer graduation with the Class of 2022.

Since completing the BA Acting degree in 2003, the actor, novelist, businessman, and philanthropist has achieved international fame.

He is also the executive producer of Men in Kilts with his co-star Graham McTavish and recently appeared in the Channel 4 thriller Suspect.

Sam established a new ten-year scholarship in 2021 to help the future generation follow their aspirations at RCS.

Three annual scholarships for undergrads at the School of Drama, Dance, Production, and Film are being funded by him directly.

Sam obtained his honorary doctorate from Scotland's national conservatoire after graduating in music, drama, dance, production, film, and education.