See  64 Old Denise Welch  In  Bold Outfit

Denise Welch is an English actress, television personality, and writer

Denise Welch, presenter of the Loose Women got praised by fans for...

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posting an ‘honest’ snap of herself in a swimsuit on instagram

the 64 year old happily celebrates her 'lumps, bumps and saggy  CHEST' in swimsuit

she shared her pic in the bold outfit promoting body positivity showing off her...

figure in a F&F black and white swimsuit while she was enjoying holiday in Greece. in the caption she wrote...

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that she learnt the mental tools to address her emotional eating which was in danger of replacing my alcohol addiction.

“I celebrate my curves, my lumps, bumps, saggy CHEST and cellulite because my 64 yr old body has served me well despite the reverse not always being true."



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