BY Divyansh

See Ben Stiller With Volodymyr Zelensky

Stiller had recently visited Irpin, a Kyiv suburb where violent battles erupted early in the invasion and where..

Moscow's forces came closest to the city since deploying soldiers into Ukraine in February.

- Ben Stiller


"I was in Irpin this morning.. and the actual level of destruction, you see it on TV, you see it on social media, but it's something else to actually see it, feel it and then to talk to the people,"

Zelensky thanked Stiller for visiting and said it was "critical" to constantly remind people about the situation in Ukraine.

"You quit a great acting career," Stiller said mentioning Zelensky's previous profession as a comedy actor.

"Not as great as yours," Zelensky quipped, and they both laughed.

Stiller said, praising the Ukrainian president Zelensky that "It's a great honor for me.. you're my hero!"

Ben Stiller visited Ukraine as a UN goodwill ambassador and met with Ukraine's president on World Refugee Day.