See Blac Chyna's Mom Involvement in Trial Against Kardashians

after the 1st trial of Blac Chyna and kardashians case, Blac Chyna's mom did something that banned her entry in courtroom.

Blac Chyna's mom, tokyo toni went on instagram live and critisized every kardashian.

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she called them scary looking and having dips in their faces.

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she abused khloe by calling her bitch and imitating her behavior.

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she called  kris old and decrepit and compared her with a little man on the triclycle in saw movie.

she called the kardashian dead then kardashians' attorney accused her for posting threats on social media.

blac chyna said that she was not aware of the live stream of her mother and...

she won't be allowed in the courtroom by order for her misbehavior.



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